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| Herman Furniture, more than just meeting your furniture needs. |

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Herman Furniture  

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Herman Furniture | When Wood Meets Steel
Be daring with choices, be bold with art. I decided to give it a shot, to place two contrasting textures; an al natural teak wood combined with a sleekly polished stainless steel, conveniently side by side, and this was what turned out to be surprisingly satisfactory. That’s the thing I enjoy about creating and art, the end product often turns out to be a lovely surprise. I would envision this to be sitting in the middle of a dining hall, right below the hanging lights of the chandelier… the unique combination of metal and wood turns out to be what catches my eye. My guests will then claim in exuberation: “You’ve got taste!”

Herman furniture; more than just meeting your furniture needs. 
Herman Furniture | 1/8 Of A Tree Trunk
I’m excited. Absolutely excited….
Because Herman Furniture can provide you with a similar concept that we’ve specially designed. The simplicity of this work; having modern glass coupled with a touch of the wilderness, makes it look paradoxically sleek and polished. We love it and if you do, fret not, it’s not gonna be an unrequited one. Simply for that, we will provide one just for you.

Herman furniture, more than just meeting your furniture needs.
Herman Furniture | Fossilised Stools
Wait… did I just mention fossil? These things actually came from a thousand years ago? Well yes, you’ve got that right. They are fossilised wood that lasted through the grinding years of history. To think about it, they probably lasted through the age of the dinosaurs and survived till today- the proud era of iphones and tablets. You never know the historical significance which belies, so why not get one today, and give yourself more than just a little surprise.

Herman furniture; more than just meeting your furniture needs. 
Herman Furniture | Square Wood Stool
One of the freshest look and touch to wood furniture I’ve ever come across. The natural raw edge that comes with it, as well as the squarish look and its acute edges gives its a sleek and pronounced impression. It’s also adorable and one of a kind, serves more than just the function of a stool. This is simple yet it’s what I’m gonna call wood art.

Herman funiture; more than just meeting your furniture needs.